I Fink u Jewish

Last week I did the makeup for “I Fink U Jewish” – a parody video of Die Antwoord’s “I Fink U Freeky” produced by Choni G and Gardens Shul.

I fink u jewish…


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Lovers Requiem – Romantique.

I’m BACK!!!… From outer space (or Italy and the depths of the chaos that is life, moving, smashed phones and new skills implemented into the chaotic juggle of life that this freelancer seems to ready to welcome into her life.

Having not had the chance to upload it before, I would like to share some of the work I have been busy with over the last few months – starting with this Fashion film, the creation of Jacques Brown – inspired by the clothing of South African designer Hendrik Vermeulen.

Let me know what you think – and which outfit is your favourite – or which you think mine is.

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The Power of Beans…

I recently had my first experience working with MUTI Films.

We shot a commercial for Bestmed – (no, BestMed did not throw medical insurance into the deal) – and it was a great deal of fun. Alex and I flew out from Cape Town – and I was instantly impressed upon meeting him, feeling happy and grateful to have such a lovely co-star.

Alex was w0nderful, but the whole crew deserves a mention really. My director, Gustav, was fabulous, the wardrobe men were fabulous (seriously, I didn’t have a fitting before flying and everything was PERFECT) – my makeup fairy, Amy, was not only talented but also a very cool human and we talked Vegan recipes with giggles and much amusement during the normal tedious “hurry up and wait” part of the day. Last but not least I must extend my gratitude to the universe for our… [ Read more ]

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Things that make me want to swing from the chandeliers (and dance)

I came across the music video for Sia’s Chendelier yesterday and was so moved by the dancing that I felt I had to share it here:

It’s so innocently beautiful, an expression of the soul and beautifully free play  from the eyes of a child.

I had never REALLY listened to the song until seeing the video, and I’ve watched it a few times over.

The dancer featured in it is Maddie Ziegler, 11 years old in Sia’s video, she was first known for her role on a reality TV show called “Dance Moms.”

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Mango, Coconut & Cashew #wheatfree seed loaf

I’ve been making my own seed-loaf for the past couple of months, adapting and experimenting with the original recipe that was gifted to me and last weekend I created a loaf that is begging to be shared.

It’s ridiculously easy to make, and works well as “sliced bread” but really shines in the toast department, warming and toasting the seeds and nuts inside to a perfection point.

So here is what you need:


1 large bowl to mix in

measuring cups or a good std cup to measure with

1x bread tin


2 x cups of Oats (Oats contain gluten (some gluten-phobes will eat oats) – this is why it is wheat-free… [ Read more ]

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Reckoning Song – Wanklemut remix.

This thursday’s themesong is one that has danced around my thoughts and paced the flow of blood around my body for months.

I dedicate it to the girl who introduced me to the song.

A girl who studied for years to study the stars and then left her work to dance amongst them.

Thank you to Mellony –  for being a spark that lit me through some of my darkest moments – for all of her love and all of her patience – and thank you to the Afrikaburners who played this song at AfrikaBurn 2013 – and thank you to DJ Eppelsauce for indulging my pleas and playing this every time I ask.



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It’s the first Monday of December and I am forced to confront the near end of 2013.

General consensus seems to be that it was a tough year for everyone – a year of challenge and growth – and as I look at my own internl challenges and growth this year I have only one regret: “The fear of failure.”

The fear of failure has prevented me from doing many things over many years – and the fear of failure is something that I am now actively avoiding and instead I am attempting to find (with certainty) my limits.

I challenge you to do the same

This realization and this post was brought to you by Yogazone – a place where I feel… [ Read more ]



We Can’t Stop – Vintage 1950′s Jukebox Cover

We can’t stop hearing Miley’s music on the radio – so here’s a 1950′s version by Postmodern Jukebox – the brainchild of Scott Bradlee, a jazz pianist whose longstanding love/hate relationship with pop music propelled him to play with it and find his own games within it.

I love it!

Want more?

Here’s another one

A cute jazzy twist on a gaga classic

and then this psy Gatsby vibe…

Let me know what you think below,

Have a happy Thursday

P.S. Thanks Alex : )

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Yoga is my new drug.

I have a new drug and it is called Yoga.

I first tried yoga when I was 15. I was at boarding school, I wasn’t happy with myself physically or emotionally and I thought that yoga would stretch me into the graceful, calm and poised wise woman I wanted to grow up to be.

Reality saw 15 year old Samcat giving up after one term of feeling like a whale out of water, clumsily flopping between retardations of graceful silhouettes.

I tried and I gave up. I felt frustrated, nothing flowed and the whole ordeal stressed me out. I placed blame on the teacher and the location, and I “didn’t really have the time with all the extra subjects I was doing.”

I figured I would try it again in another place at another time with another teacher.

So try try again I… [ Read more ]

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Dita von Teese Hologram

I tweeted this a while back, but I want it here forever.

Tu-pac didn’t get me excited – but a hologram strip-tease where her clothes flutter away like gemstones, a celebration of the very sexual feminine power Louboutin evokes through his shoes… #yesplease

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