Pre Birthday Dinner – Thanks KWV

Late last year KWV treated a selection of local bloggers to a delicious dinner at The Food Room and revealed their intention to treat us with the KWV wine of our choice, giving us the opportunity to celebrate friends, food and KWV.

I chose to order two case of KWV sparkling wine, and a case of KWV white and a case of KWV red. I invited Sam, Robyn, Thaya, Kass, Alex, Justin, Mike, Jacs and Adi – which along with me made for a table of ten.

I froze mango and raspberries the day before, and upon the arrival of the first guests I blended the fruit with ice and served Bellini inspired deliciousness with KWV sparkling wine.

I served a first course of carrot, parsnip and coriander soup, two different styles of turkey for main with accompanying vegetables and ginger&soy tofu for the vegetarian. For desert we ate cupcakes.

Here are some photographs documenting my event:

I started cooking at 9am on Friday morning

I started baking the night before and made over 100 cupcakes in under 24 hours. Above you can see the red velvet beauties.

Guests started arriving at 6:30 and were greeted with a Mango Bellini

My starter of carrot, parsnip and coriander soup was served around 8pm

Justin and Mike provided some musical entertainment between courses

Raspberry Bellinis with KWV sparkling wine are amazing, they were all I drank that evening.

Turkey was served shortly after 9

Guests were encouraged to serve themselves as much or as little of whatever they especially liked.

For desert I served a selection of cupcakes.

Marshmallow cupcakes (with edible glitter) and lemon cupcakes

Nutella, Red Velvet, Lemon and Marshmallow cupcakes.

Cupcakes make girls giggle.

Thank you KWV for a wonderful pre-birthday dinner. Your sparkling wine makes amazing Bellinis, and though we didn’t get to the white or the red, the remaining wine was enjoyed along with all of the left over cupcakes at my birthday picnic.

Thank you to Adrian Stanford who contributed many of these photographs.

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  1. #1 by Samantha on February 2, 2011 - 12:04 pm

    Much love lady! Was a fabulous evening :) xxx

  2. #2 by Casino en ligne critique on September 15, 2011 - 3:42 pm

    Thanks for sharing, really good one

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