Old Friends, New Friends, Inked Friends and National Braai Day – Weekend in Pictures

I started my Friday with some delicious Bolivian beans in my AeroPress… I was feeling chocolate withdrawl after my chocolate binge the night before so I also had a little morning chocolate indulgence (I’ll do a post about that soon.)

I then decided to try on my new bikini and snap a mobile pic to tweet for #FriskyFriday

Bikini Friday...

I snapped four narcissistic bikini shots – you can view them all on my FHM Profile – which I urge you to click “like” on if you’re going to the effort of visiting. The top 100 comes out this week and numeric popularity will only improve my chances.

After that I headed in to London to meet up with my lovely friends Trevor and Sherrie. They are one of the most amazing couples that I know… in fact if it were not for Emma and Andrew I think they might be my favorite couple in the whole world. They live in a charming one bedroom in Kensington/Hammersmith, Sherrie makes positive changes in the lives of children whilst looking like a sex siren from the 1950′s and Trev…. does something with computers – dressed like a 1940′s businessman. They don’t want children. I’m hoping they’ll adopt me.

This is Trev arriving home from work, being kissed by his Missus - *sigh* - ain't love grand.

We hung out, talked about the state of the world… I found out they had a Camden Wedding three years ago… I made Sherrie tell me the whole story – she remembered some of the details wrong – in fact Trev patiently corrected her on every single detail aside from the specifics of her dress – Vivien of Holloway.

One of their wedding photos :)

I giggled at how cute they were, made them show me their wedding photos, and left for my evening Soiree with happy love butterflies swimming around my head.

love her face

love her style

Arriving at Habiba’s house, I drank copious amounts of water (see last week’s no drinking bet) and met lots of new interesting people. We headed out into the town around midnight, and danced the night away eventually ending up at the Egg. It was my first time there… it was interesting.

Do you like to disco?

I got back to my friend Faiz’s apartment in Gloucester road at about 6am, had a catnap for an hour and then revived myself with a shower before grabbing a quick filter and biltong…

Thank Goodness for sunglasses

A poor substitute for Biltong as I know it

Coffee, followed by RedBull, followed by coffee - Caffeine is my drug of choice

and then set out to battle TFL and meet up with my new friend (then stranger) Mark.

Hi Mark

Hi delicious cakes at Mark's local coffee shop, the Shoreditch Grind

Before heading out to the International London Tattoo convention which was heaps of fun. You can look at some more photos from the convention here.

My inner geek approves.

Intending to leave the convention between five and six… I ended up leaving shoreditch around 9 – fate decided for me… I’m spontaneous and irresponsible like that.

heads we go and tails we stay

After walking around the convention, and then drinking some more coffee in Shoreditch where I saw this awesome street art:

Dassie / Rock Rabbit

I don't have a title for this one....

I set out to dance the night away at a Bavarian party with Emma and Andrew… then decided I was tired, and headed home on the train with some fruit and some happy music.

love love love

Intending to get an early night and be asleep before midnight I naturally stayed online meandering through the interwebs until 4am when I slapped myself on the wrist for passing up a night of fun and climbed into bed.

Sunday I awoke to glorious sunny weather – perfect for the Braai (barbeque) Emma and Andrew had arranged in their garden in Woking.

Happiness is... it finally being warm enough to prance around barefoot in your favourite dress

It was the weekend of “National Braai Day” in South Africa – so Emma and Andrew gathered South African goods and South African friends and we had a patriotic day.

lots and lots of boerewors and potato salad

Savannah, All Gold, Biltong and Mrs Balls Chutney - that water on the right is mine. Fun times.

Emma is short and Pete is tall

Steve and Liz brought marshmallows, so we ended our carnivorous over-indulgence with a taste of childhood camping.

Delicious gooey magic

All in all a good weekend. What did you get up to?

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