Fabric, Friends and Food

This weekend was Fabric’s 12th Birthday Party and when my friend Awani asked me if I’d like to go I found myself unable to say no (they had given their biggest floor to the dubpolice)

First thing is first though – Friday Morning I woke up, posted a quick #FriskyFriday to Twitter to try to subtly hint to you all that it would be awesome if you sms’d “model 68″ to 33441.

I then tried on a million outfits for Friday night…


Before eventually leaving to meet Awani in Notting Hill for a house/birthday party where I met lots of lovely new friends. (Fabric opened at 10, but we had no intention of arriving before 11:30.)

The lovely Zaza

Chef Lily taking a break from cooking the nibbles for the evening

Happy Birthday To You!

Before we knew it it was 11 and we had to dash off on the underground to make our self imposed 12am Fabric deadline and create maximum mischief.

When we got to Fabric there was a que around the block – literally all the way back to the station. If you’re ever in London and planning on heading to Fabric I would advise you to get tickets beforehand – you can buy them online from the Fabric Website. We thankfully had tickets.

It is impossible to go to Fabric without meeting a million foreigners in the smoking section

6am and the music stopped  so we took a cab to Sunny’s house to avoid our respective beds.

"Scarface" and mysterious liqueurs

Once inside we watched Scarface – on repeat – I can’t tell you how many times… drank some mysterious foreign liquer, some Sake – and eventually around 4pm I headed back to Woking for a much needed catnap.

Sunday morning I woke up and went to meet my friend David for brunch at St Ali in Farringdon. (St Ali is my favourite brunch spot in London - I’m preparing a massive blog post for it.)

This is the beautiful St Ali Fruit Salad that I love to snack on

We didn’t have breakfast though – we ended up having lunch as we only got to our table around 1pm…

Salmon, Quinoa, Cranberry, Rocket and Mint.

After delicious coffee, conversation and comparing iPhone applications, tips and tricks, we took a stroll past Prufrock where David picked up some coffee gear and I got my wrist stamped with one of their special coffee cup stamps.

We then went our respective ways on the underground and David snapped another photo for my underground series.

From Chancery Lane I met up with my friend Khaya. Khaya had asked me to check out the Bloomsbury Festival with him, and one of the coolest things we saw was 360 degrees by Ben Ashton.

This structure was designed for 3D imaging and contains a series of ladders leading to openings equidistant from one another. When a subject is placed in the centre of the structure, and an image is taken from each of these openings, those images can be combined to form a 3 dimensional image.

It’s pretty neat :)

After checking out 360 degrees we decided to take a stroll around Russell Square and talk some more nonsense.

Le Fountain

We then felt rather hungry, so we decided to try out a Lebanese restaurant I heard about called Yalla Yalla. You can read more about that here.

Another wonderful weekend in London – next weekend will be my last weekend in the UK for 2011 – and then the weekend after that I fly to South Africa for some sunshine – exciting!

So tell me what you did this weekend – and what do you think I *have* to do with my last few days in London? Any amazing restaurants, bars or places to see? I’m hoping to make it to “the box” – I’ll be sure to tell you if I do.

Enjoy the rest of your week kittens,

xxx Samcat

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