Weekend in Post It’s? Stay tuned – it might happen

A very sad thing happened this weekend – my Iphone4 – the second uninsured one this year – was stolen. Firstly, let me say that I actually did try to insure this second one, but as I have thrown away the box and cannot find proof of purchase Barclays will not be paying me any money…

so I think that until the Iphone4S comes out this may become a weekend in collage, or a weekend in post-it’s – but from last weekend I managed to rummage some photographs from facebook and surrounding friend’s iPhones – so here’s the best I can do [and yes, this is why you're reading it 4 days late]

When the clock struck 12 and Friday officially came into being I had delicious chocolate and peppermint deep cleansing goodness spread on my face and on the face of my darling friend Sherrie. (I was visiting her and her lovely husband Trevor last Friday remember? This week I stayed with them from Wednesday- Saturday morning – very fun)

Covered in chocolate... good way to start a weekend.

We also ate some delicious chocolate:

Paul. a. Young Chocolate, a lava lamp and a bit of clockwork orange with a touch of South Africa. Love you Trev and Sherrie.

Shortly after 1am we decided to have a catnap as Sherrie and Trev had to be up early for work. We slept, Sherrie went to work, Trev worked from home so he could watch the rugby and I set out to spend the day walking around London.

Starting at Leicester Square I went to Music Notes and Coffee where I watched Ben mess about with some coffee specifics and enjoyed one of the best flat whites in London.

Getting technical at Music Notes and Coffee

I then walked around Leicester Square, Seven Dials, Covent Garden and eventually made my way to Soho to replenish my chocolate supplies. (Chocolate is addictive, girls have needs)

Dairy free truffle (all chocolate) and a salted caramel bar to share with Trev and Sherrie :)

I wandered a little more, had some lunch, and then headed home to get ready for Friday Night’s Vintage Voodoo Party.

Oncve back at Trev and Sherrie’s I got an e-mail telling me I made it into FHM’s Top 100 Models of 2012 List!

It was less of a shock than making the this y 100 sexiest woman in the world list 2011, but more exciting because I had no idea I made that list until the voting was over, whereas with this one I know I am in the top 100, and voting goes on until the end of the year. So…. if you would like to help me make the top 10 you can visit my FHM page and vote online or text “model 68″ to 33441 ~ and I will love you for the help.

So after doing a little happy dance about that I curled my hair and got ready for Vintage Voodoo

Vintage Voodoo is a party that happens on the last friday of every month at the Gimlick in Shepard’s bush – they play music from the 1920′s to the 1970′s – from swing to dirty jazz to boogie woogie.

I wore my Folklore dress…

Folklore by Beatnik Bazaar

Hair and Makeup by Samcat

I took some incredible photos of Trev and Sherrie dancing and of the next 12 hours – but they went along with my phone on Saturday night – I decided not to post the images I intended to use on Facebook, saving the good ones for my “weekend in pictures” post – as a result – here I am pasting together my rejects and the photos of others to make some sense…. next week’s post should be interesting…

So Basically – Friday was grand, we danced and danced and eventually stumbled home in the wee hours of the morning.

8am Saturday I was up ( after around 3 hours of sleep) and getting ready to take the train to Woking where I met Emma and accompanied her to her final dress fitting and Wedding gown collection. Saturday afternoon was spent having a barbecue – again – because the weather was lovely and lots of our friends were keen.

This totally happened - but I stole this photograph from last weekend

We drank lots of Pimms

Photograph courtesy of my Instagram ~ @slkaye for those who want to follow

and after much Pimms Andrew persuaded me to head out to London to a Psytrance party. Laura was supposed to come with us, but we swopped her for Pete instead. Pete has an iPhone and gave me the following photographs – I might not remember all of them being taken.

Lots of Tequila - yes I potect my ears with earplugs - I even have a dorky case for them

Meet Drunk Andrew, Drunk Sam and Drunk Pete. The first version may have been better - but you could see down my corset.

Now somewhere around about here we decided to go to the shops… I know this because there is this photograph on Pete’s Instagram where you see us in a store, and its definitely not the club because they didn’t have sugar free energy drinks there….

Pete, Sam, Andy, Monster.

I think I had a phone at this point…. but who knows really. We had fun… Instagram says we were at costcutters – as they close in the early evening – I phoned to check – from a landline  - we clearly were not – yet I cannot find whatever store we were in….

Somewhere not long after said shop mission we decided to take a stroll to Waterloo bridge to watch the sun come up.

I took out my phone to take a photograph – and I then realised it was gone.

Luckily Pete had his phone, so he took this photo:

After this photograph we went back to the club, searched in vain for my phone, caught a cab to Pete’s house where we had some coffee and I took a shower, and then I went to go and meet my friend David for some coffee at Sensory Lab.

I love the coffee from Sensory Lab

I was pretty miserable about my phone, but after David and I had coffee we gathered some raspberries and a bottle of wine and lay on the grass in the sun in Green Park and he promised to one day make me a zoo filled with Origami animals to restore justice to the world – and that made me feel better.

So that was my weekend in gathered pictures – this weekend is going to have to be post its or collages – and hopefully by next weekend I’ll have found a buyer for my kidney and be the proud new owner of an iPhone4S

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