The Cook’s Companion

I’ve never written about an app before – Instagram (@slkaye) went massive before I had a chance to sing its praises, and I’m highly critical of apps…

but this one is AWESOME.

and this one is FREE.

No more “How many grams is in a stick of butter” – no more google kitchen for conversions and explanations and glossaries.

Multiple timers:

Easy to use conversions:

An ingredient compendium:

Equipment Glossary:

Basically everything that I want from a cooking app – except maybe a folder to put my recipes in or a place to make notes would be nice? Oh and I forgot to mention that there is also a lovely french lady who lives inside the app and pronounces complicated french words you are unable to pronounce when prompted to do so. (eg in video link)

If you have an iPad or iPhone and have any interest in cooking, download this right now and thank me later.

I’m hoping it will be available on Android soon. x

Here’s a link to a video if you are into that kind of thing:¬†Cook’s Companion

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