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The International London Tattoo Convention 2011

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the 7th London International Tattoo convention, a convention not only celebrating the art and process of inking the skin, but also the history of tattoos, the tattoos themselves, associated literature, trade tools, commercial merchandise and tattoo artists.

The convention also stood as a celebration and exploration of tattoo culture; the culture that is associated and constantly redefined around tattoos and the individuals who express themselves and their whims or their beliefs through the patterns and images they permanently imprint on their skin.

I could run you through a history of the art of tattooing – but I think it would please me more than you. For the few of you that would like to know the specifics of the art – my dear friend Wiki has prepared this lovely page for you.

If Wiki was a man…. (my weakness is a… [ Read more ]

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Peace amidst the London Riots

So as I’m sure you all know Londoners have been rioting and looting, police have been all over the streets, shops are closed and boarded up, troubled youths have been indulging in violent behaviour and those of us who live in the affected areas have had hours of police and ambulance sirens as the soundtrack to our daily lives.

Stressful? A little…

My friend Ference sent me a link to this instrumental performance and when I found myself feeling a little anxious on the fire escape to my building it really helped me calm down and unwind before bed.

Its beautiful, so I wanted to share it with you.

Yours, safe and with lots of love for you all,


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Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day!

For those of you who don’t know Bastille Day or La Fête Nationale (the national celebration as the french formally call it)  is the day on which the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille which happened on the 14th of July 1789.

The Bastille housed gunpowder and ammunition which the “commoners” (at this time France was divided into the commoners, the nobility and the catholic church) needed to protect themselves from the royal guard. The Bastille was also known for housing political prisoners whose writing displeased the monarchy, so as a symbol of the monarchy’s absolutism, it was a significant victory for the common Frenchman.

The French celebrate the 14th of July with cadets, military parades and displays and a myriad of official festivities, parades and celebrations all over France. The president used to give a “state of the nation” type… [ Read more ]

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I see you have a blog – I used to have one of those.

I’ve been receiving a high volumes of mails recently enquiring what happened to my blog and I have to thank you all for them  - they’ve motivated me to revive my baby and get back to the keyboard.

Originally started as a website hoping to serve as an online portfolio for my makeup work, has evolved into a digital scrapbook of my life, showcasing my opinions on products, life and people as well as the images I work on both behind and now in front of the camera.

When I left the digital space (well the blogging space as my twitter and facebook page have remained active) I did so because my life was in the process of doing flick flacks. I had an intense two weeks where I moved out of my lovely home with my lovely boyfriend, said goodbye to the SUV and his… [ Read more ]



Rammstein performed in Cape Town at Grand West Casino last night. I was there to do the bands makeup for an interview scheduled to take place before the show. Tragically the band “forgot” two of their members behind on their journey to the venue and the escalated time pressure meant that they were forced to cancel the interview and crush my dream of meeting and working with the band.

As a consolation prize, event organizer Gwen gave us golden circle tickets and gave me the opportunity to whip out my camera during one of their songs.

The concert itself was amazing and I am amazed at the energy the band gave the audience. Unfortunately there was no one selling ear plugs and my MacGuyver attempts at fashioning my contact into makeshift earplugs did not work so well:

As I was taking photographs from the pitt (the area in front… [ Read more ]

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Post Birthday Picnic – Thanks KWV

After my KWV dinner we had so much bubbly, wine and cupcakes left over that I decided to deliver some cupcakes to friends at the morning market and then have a Birthday Picnic at Deer Park.

Once again, thank you to KWV for sponsoring us white, red and sparkling wine. They were a fabulous accompaniment to the cupcakes.

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Pre Birthday Dinner – Thanks KWV

Late last year KWV treated a selection of local bloggers to a delicious dinner at The Food Room and revealed their intention to treat us with the KWV wine of our choice, giving us the opportunity to celebrate friends, food and KWV.

I chose to order two case of KWV sparkling wine, and a case of KWV white and a case of KWV red. I invited Sam, Robyn, Thaya, Kass, Alex, Justin, Mike, Jacs and Adi – which along with me made for a table of ten.

I froze mango and raspberries the day before, and upon the arrival of the first guests I blended the fruit with ice and served Bellini inspired deliciousness with KWV sparkling wine.

I served a first course of carrot, parsnip and coriander soup, two different styles of turkey for main with accompanying vegetables… [ Read more ]

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