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FHM’s 89th Sexiest Woman in the World

FHM South Africa came out with their 100 sexiest women in the world list earlier this year…. and much to my shock and disbelief I was on it!!

Thank you to Rio for bringing me a copy of the magazine, all the way from South Africa so that I could scan in the above photograph as well as the whole page:

Yep – I beat Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Britney (99 – she barely made it this year), Kim Kardashian, Eva Longaria and a coupe of people I’ve never heard of. I had never entered a beauty pageant before or any sort of competition like this – but thanks to a series of online votes from the interwebs at large I was honoured with an official sexy stamp which I find puzzling, amazing, delightful and with a history of childhood bullying and low self esteem, a tad bizarre.

Thanks… [ Read more ]

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Boudoir Shoot with Noel Tosefsky – Round 1

I’ve been slacking off on blogging shoots – and although many of you probably “like” my facebook page ~ thank you for the support – I’m really honored ~ and have probably seen many of the images I’ll be posting over the next few weeks, I think that a lot of the images on the page deserve a place on the site. I can honestly say I have learnt something with every shoot I have done, and I am so grateful for the wonderful people I have been privileged to work with.

This shoot was Neal’s first boudoir shoot. I met Neal through Robyn early 2010 and through twitter and the #27dinners we became friends.

Neal enjoys taking photographs, and I enjoy being in photographs so he decided to bring me on board to tackle his first boudoir shoot and first shoot with someone there with… [ Read more ]

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Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic is the latest androgynous model to take the world by storm. Signed by storm in 2010, this 19 year old boy from Australia has been shot for a plethora of prestigious and fashionable magazines and has walked the runway for Paul Smith, Raf Simons, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier where he modeled both his mens range and the show-stopper bridal piece for his female haute couture line.

Pejic, though not the norm, has been embraced into the fashion world, serving as a fresh canvas for designers wanting to further push the boundries of fashion and society. Fashion has held a recurring obsession with gender roles, mascu-femme, girls in boys clothing, boys in girls clothing… Pejic manages to fill both masculine and feminine roles and stands almost gender neutral, his height, slim hips and chiseled cheekbones making him the perfect clothes hanger.

The Daily… [ Read more ]

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Lady Kaye in Lingerie

My City By Night requested a lingerie shoot for a Monday Mooiness feature in January, this is what Kass and I came up with:

This lingerie shoot was heaps of fun, and definitely something I would love to do again. If you enjoyed these images, and would like to help me grace the pages of FHM/ win a playstation 3/accompany the winner to a FHM photoshoot vote here. Simply type “Samantha Laura Kaye” into the box along with any other girl you would like to support and smile in the knowledge that you’ve helped me get one step closer to bringing you more good images like these and yourself closer to that playstation/model wrangling.

Photographer: Kass Photography

Model: Samantha Laura Kaye

Stylist: Samantha Laura Kaye

Hair and Makeup Artist: Samantha Laura Kaye

Shot on location at the Cape Royale in 2010

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Dr Benway

In 2008 Dr Benway asked if he could take my portrait. I came across these images late last night and thought it was a shame they weren’t on the site.

The shoot was laid back and relaxed and something I would definitely do again!

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Gothic Playtime

A few weeks ago I found myself in Robert Miller‘s studio for an afternoon of “play.” Rob and I hoped to tackle the challenge of gothic/vampire pale – something which is extremely difficult for photographers and make-up artists to get right.

Despite the difficulty of the task, I feel that Rob and I nailed it and produced one of the better examples of gothic glam.

I used Kryolan water-based white face paint on my skin, applying it first in thick sweeping motions with MAC’s #187 brush, and then smoothing it over smaller areas with the #249 brush and buffing it into delicate skin such as around the eyes with the #227 brush. The amazing shiny lip was produced by using Hourglass “Extreme Sheen” in “Siren.” Hourglass is an amazing brand that I discovered whilst in Los Angeles last December – seek out the hourglass mascara for great definition… [ Read more ]

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Pink Lady

I kept the eyes neutral toned, and sculpted them with texture, applied some individual false lashes (I find the individual lashes look more natural as they lack the “spine” visible with a full false lash) to bring out the shape of the eyes and then matched the lipstick to the wig with MAC’s Amplified Lipstick “Girl About Town”

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Bridal Boudoir

My first shoot with Anton De Beer. We shot Bridal Boudoir looks at a guesthouse in Cape Town and it was lots of fun!

Main Make-Up ingredients: MAC studio sculpt foundation, MAC eyeshadow: “brule”, “shale”, “bronze”,”garcon grey”, “embark”. MAC pigments: “lily white”, “dazzleray”.PlushGlass “big kiss. “ ProLongLash mascara, YSL Touche Éclat.

Main Hair Ingredients: OSIS “upload and “magic”.

Photographer: Anton De Beer

Model: Samantha Laura Kaye

Make-up and Hair: Samantha Laura Kaye

Stylist: Nicky-Anne De Beer.

On Location in 2009

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Main Hair ingredients: Frustration and Apathy.

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