QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care

What is it: An intenseley moisturizing and uniquely protective hand treatment. Devised to be instantly absorbed with no greasy residue, this highly effective formulation uses a special combination of lipids to nurture the skin’s natural moisture and nutrients storage against the early signs of aging.

How does it work: Formulated by Dr Eric Schulte, a surgeon concerned with the dryness resulting from the constant hand sanitization undergone by medical practitioners, QMS Hand care delivers unique hydration and moisture that is quickly absobed with no greasy residue. Suitable for the most sensitive of skins it is nourishing and protects against the early signs of aging by hydrating and restoring nutrients to the skin as well as creating a barrier between the skin and destructive elements.

How much does it cost/where can I buy it: Buy it for R200 from your local QMS stockist or online here

Consumer Tip:[ Read more ]

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Win tickets to Gary Cool’s Epic Night of Rock n Roll.

Are you going to be in Cape Town this Saturday night?

Do you enjoy listening to live music?

Do you dig Rock n Roll?

Do you wish you had more exposure to local music?

Are you too broke to afford entrance to a club this weekend?

Would you like to buy me and my friends tequila?

Answer yes to any/all of these and this competition is for you!

Gary is heading off to London and having a farewell on Saturday night where he intends to treat himself to our fabulous company and in return, treat us not only with his fabulous company before he fuels our abandonment issues by fleeing to London, but also to the Tequila/Jaegermeister/sweat fueled sounds emerging from some[ Read more ]

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Alt-J Breezeblocks

I am so unbelievably excited about the Daisies lineup this year!

I have no words.

Here’s a Thursday’s Themesong from Alt-J, who I will be watching next weekend. *twirl*

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Win with Africhik!

Africhik is a fresh and exciting new eyewear company specialising in customisable fashion glasses.

100% customizable – you can choose the colour of your glasses and the print on the lenses – or if you prefer, you can select one of the pre-designed glasses on the Africhik website.

This means that whatever your mood, whatever you might be wearing, you can have your most important accessory compliment and accentuate it.

As a branding exercise, what cooler way to brand an event than have your brand in the eyes of your target market all day?

Corporates, themed parties, bands could ALL get their brands out there affordably and uniquely with the affordable… [ Read more ]

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Defined Lines – a feminist rebuttal to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

A group of students from the Auckland University Law program have created what is in my opinion the best blurred lines parody to date. *you would have to be gusty to try to top this one:

Now I get that a bunch of you might find this offensive – quite frankly – it is!

but so is this:

But it’s ok for guys to make gender assumptions about women right?

Though this video was taken down by Youtube – popular demand brought it back.

This video is hugely successful in my eyes because it is humerous and entertaining but also makes people think and has inspired many interesting and important discussions.

You can follow the Law Revue Girls Here *click* and see what they get up to next.

Looking for the lyrics to the video?

Defined Lines:

Every bigot shut up (x 2)

Hey hey… [ Read more ]

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The Hunt

An Opel OPC fan video creation from Anti Gravity Productions.

The Hunt – Opel OPC

Directed by – Justin Pinto
Director of Photography – Seagram Pearce
Female Lead – Samantha Lara Kaye
Male – Giuseppe Russo

Vimeo link here:

Filmed on Nikon & Lexar

I got a call from Seagram on Sunday morning asking me to come and film this Sunday midday. We filmed all afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team who were both swift and professional.

What do you think happens next?

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Double Helix – Glitch not Glitz

Earlier this year, Sean Metelerkamp was asked to make an advert about “the future” for the Cannes Lions Festival 2013.

I was fortunate enough to be cast in it and had the great priviledge of working with Sean and his South African team – Fly on the Wall.

Originally given creative freedom, Sean created this commercial:

*click the links below because I haven’t figured out how to embed vimeo properly yet*

Double Helix from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

It was edited down to just over a minute, and titled:

“Glitch not Glitz” for a Lowe & Partners’ What The Future Looks Like Cannes Lions Creative Masterclass.

You can see this edited version here:


Written and Directed by Sean Metelerkamp
Featuring Dave Meinert (husband) and Samantha Laura Kaye (wife)
Producer – Trish Wylie
DOP – Grant Appleton
Editor –… [ Read more ]

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Africology Neroli Body Balm

What is it: A rich moisturizing and protective balm that is a feast for all of your senses. It smells amazing, has an other-worldly texture (its a thick firm balm, but it warms in the hands and is easily absorbed by the skin), is intensely hydrating, non irritating and is fabulous for the relief of dry skin, eczema and sunburn. The texture is easily absobred, and can be added to your bath for a home spa treatment or to a candle burner to fil your room with a delicious scent.

How does it work: Neroli stimulates cell regeneration and the repair process whilst also containining properties that help alleviate anxiety, depression, exhaustion, stress, and fear.

How much does it cost/where can I buy it: Buy it for R210 from your local Africology stockist or online here.

Consumer Tip: I love this product. Use it all over your body,… [ Read more ]

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Cinderella Stress 2013

Matric dances, and prom I imagine too for that matter, are rather peculiar things.

In South Africa, it is a high school tradition to hold a ball during the pupils’ final year of school to celebrate their dedication to their studies and add ceremony to their voyage into adulthood and independence.

Having been a standard in schools for many years, the Matric dance has escalated to something far bigger than originally intended in its creation.

When I speak to older generations of South Africans, they assure me that their matric dances hosted only the pupils or teachers, no girlfriends or boyfriends allowed and most enlisted the help of their parents to dress and style them in an appropriately grown-up and elegant manner. Most of these people’s parents chaperoned them to their dances.

Fast forward to my high school experience and you find yourself immersed in an entirely different picture.… [ Read more ]

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To This Day

A deeply moving video:

Watch it – don’t read and listen- the visuals are paced.

When I was little I met a boy called Alistair who seemed to be the tallest and most unpopular child at my brand new play school.

Alistair was different to the other children, but he had the same name as my father – and I figured that since every other Alistair I knew was wonderfully special I ought to try to be his friend.

The problem was; that I wanted to be everybody’s friend and now that I was on “team Alistair” not everybody wanted to be my friend.

The bigger problem was; that through my efforts to include and show affection for Alistair, I seemed to have riled up the other children to the point of loudly calling out all the nasty things they had been whispering behind his back. I didn’t… [ Read more ]

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