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FHM’s 89th Sexiest Woman in the World

FHM South Africa came out with their 100 sexiest women in the world list earlier this year…. and much to my shock and disbelief I was on it!!

Thank you to Rio for bringing me a copy of the magazine, all the way from South Africa so that I could scan in the above photograph as well as the whole page:

Yep – I beat Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Britney (99 – she barely made it this year), Kim Kardashian, Eva Longaria and a coupe of people I’ve never heard of. I had never entered a beauty pageant before or any sort of competition like this – but thanks to a series of online votes from the interwebs at large I was honoured with an official sexy stamp which I find puzzling, amazing, delightful and with a history of childhood bullying and low self esteem, a tad bizarre.

Thanks… [ Read more ]

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Barbie gets inked with the launch of Tokidoki Barbie

We’ve all seen customised Barbie’s made by independent creatives, some of you might remember the Barbie-knockoff Spice Girl Dolls which were released with tattoo’s where the popstars were publicly known to harbour tattoos, but this Barbie is an official Mattel Barbie Doll – the first one in history – to be sold with tattoos.

Launching on October 8th at the TokiDoki Santa Monica store and will be sold for $50.00. Designed by Simone Legno, she has a modern (I can’t claim it to be fashionable, many would argue it’s very 2007) A-symmetrical silvery pink bob, leopard print leggings, silvery glittery shoes with black painted toes peeping through and a cluster of tattoos peeking out from her baggy heart and cross boned t-shirt.

She also comes with a pet that the official release phrases as her “cactus friend.”

I think she is absolutely adorable and would love to own… [ Read more ]

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The International London Tattoo Convention 2011

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the 7th London International Tattoo convention, a convention not only celebrating the art and process of inking the skin, but also the history of tattoos, the tattoos themselves, associated literature, trade tools, commercial merchandise and tattoo artists.

The convention also stood as a celebration and exploration of tattoo culture; the culture that is associated and constantly redefined around tattoos and the individuals who express themselves and their whims or their beliefs through the patterns and images they permanently imprint on their skin.

I could run you through a history of the art of tattooing – but I think it would please me more than you. For the few of you that would like to know the specifics of the art – my dear friend Wiki has prepared this lovely page for you.

If Wiki was a man…. (my weakness is a… [ Read more ]

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Street. An Exhibition

“What is a city without its streets? They give rise to neighbourhoods, to life, to memories, to cultural identities and sometimes movements. And yet, while city streets are in a real sense the canvas on which urbanites live out their lives, very seldom are they the subject – the object of art.”

Street. An Exhibition celebrates the essence and culture of the streets of Cape Town through a variety of local artists and individuals celebrating the streets in which they live.

One of these artists is Anthony Lee Martin, who hoped to capture the essence of Harrington Street – home of many popular nightclubs, students and urban hipsters indulging in after-hours-merriments.

Anthony set out to the ever popular nightclub Assembly and handed patrons a chalkboard stencilled permanently with “I have a dream that one day” (….) giving them chalk and the opportunity to express their dream as seriously or… [ Read more ]

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Rammstein performed in Cape Town at Grand West Casino last night. I was there to do the bands makeup for an interview scheduled to take place before the show. Tragically the band “forgot” two of their members behind on their journey to the venue and the escalated time pressure meant that they were forced to cancel the interview and crush my dream of meeting and working with the band.

As a consolation prize, event organizer Gwen gave us golden circle tickets and gave me the opportunity to whip out my camera during one of their songs.

The concert itself was amazing and I am amazed at the energy the band gave the audience. Unfortunately there was no one selling ear plugs and my MacGuyver attempts at fashioning my contact into makeshift earplugs did not work so well:

As I was taking photographs from the pitt (the area in front… [ Read more ]

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Ester in Action

Yesterday I showed you some gorgeous shots of Ester in swimwear – and after many requests, today I bring you her action shots.

Here is a head-shot Kass took of her earlier that day

Photographer: Kass Photography

Model: Ester Van Den Bosch

Hair and Make-up: Samantha Laura Kaye

Shot in Camps Bay in 2011

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Ester at the Beach

Meet Ester, one of Holland’s finest imports who is gracing our sunny shores until March under the careful care of Topco.

I love her look, she looks like the love-child  of Claudia Schiffer and Kerry McGregor.

In addition to these, Kass took some sporty photographs of Ester wearing running gear , but I don’t suppose anyone is interested in seeing her with her clothes on? Request and I shall post.

Happy Tuesday kittens!

Lets hope we are all able to look this gorgeous at 31.

Photographer: Kass Photography

Model: Ester Van Den Bosch

Hair and Make-up: Samantha Laura Kaye

Shot in Camps Bay in 2011

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Happy Birthday to Me!

The 22nd January (this Saturday) is my Birthday so I have decided to indulge in fantasy and compile a wishlist.

1) The coffee machine that does everything. The Jura Impressa X9 Platinum offers over 20 programmable preferences, grinders, internet connectivity (though for what they are not clear) and a separate frother (more cappuccino foam please.) Post dinner party cappuccinos/lattes/espressos would be wonderful.

2) A subscription to British Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, ID, LOVE, POP or Wallpaper Magazine.

Vogue looks great on the iPad, but I still find myself buying British Vogue from Exclusive Books every month. I hope to have a collection of the trends, styles, photographers and campaigns to pass along to someone someday. Fashion re-invents itself and it is wonderful to look back from time to time and see where we have been.

3) Tiaras and[ Read more ]

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