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Sports Illustrated NMS 2012

Though I had wanted to blog this sooner, the busy time that has been my life over the last three weeks was a blessing – not only because it has introduced a bouquet of new possibilities to my life and career – but also because it means that I am now able to blog the experience with the added behind the scenes photos and videos Sports Illustrated have recently posted.

First off the preparation for the shoot was… intense. In the interest of explaining to the non-models of this world I feel it is my moral obligation to explain that I did not wake up looking like this:

I had a spray tan (brown not orange) from Just Skin Clinic, eyelash extensions from Nina of  Laser and Lashes, my teeth organically (pain and risk free) whitened by Pure Smile,and my beautiful bouncy locks were nurtured, conditioned… [ Read more ]

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Friday the 13th

If you’re superstitious, you probably think Friday the 13th is a pretty unlucky day.

The fear of Friday the 13th is called Friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen)

The fear of zombies is called Kinemortophobia. (The fear of the undead.) or Necrophobia (the  Fear of death or dead things) or even Ambulothananatophobia (The irrational fear of the walking dead)

The fear of a beautiful woman is called: Venustraphobia

You don’t see the connection?

Watch… [ Read more ]

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The Bounce Badge

This week I am in the runnings to win a “Bounce Badge.” Girls in the Sports Illustrated New Model Search are encouraged to win as many badges as possible in order to qualify for the top 15 so this is really important to me (although I still realise the importance of world peace and ending world hunger and all that jazz).

Now while I could flood you with photos showing certain bouncy parts of my anatomy like these:

I have instead decided to provide you with some alternative visual persuasion.

You see, acting and modeling go hand in hand – there is an element of costume (small as it may sometimes be) and masking – to a certain degree we mask our true selves in order to be what the camera, the photographer or the client require.

As a… [ Read more ]

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The Sports Illustrated New Model Search 2012

Is happening right now.

Online voting continues until the end of April when the top 15 are announced.

One out of the 3 months of the competition has already flown by – and I decided to enter this week.

That’s a lot of voting to make up for!

One girl already has over half a million!

But despite this, I know I can make the top 15 with your help.

In fact, if each of my twitter followers voted for me twice a day I would stand a pretty good chance of placing in the top 15.

So I have added this little Sports Illustrated Tab – to show you how and where to vote – and I will try to bring you a new reason to vote for me each day.

Here’s today’s reason: I don’t look too bad[ Read more ]

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#MCNAKED hits the shelves – Marie Claire’s Naked Issue is on sale!

I’m meandering through the aisles of Pick and Pay in Constantia Village (somehow grocery shopping is slightly more tolerable at CV) when I see a silvery, bronzed, slightly red Marie Claire with Zef rapper Jack Parrow and his beyond beautiful model girlfriend Jenna Pieterson on the cover.

The Marie Claire Naked issue is on the shelves. Its Sunday. Its early. There’s a picture of me inside it without any clothes on.

I look around, unable to escape the feeling that I am doing something naughty, and then proceed to the nearest cashier.

I can’t bring myself to open it in the store. The average age of the sunday afternoon CV shopper seems unlikely to appreciate the inevitable flash of skin as I page through the 31 naked South Africans.

It takes me 8minutes (guesstimate) to find my car in the parking lot (40% full.)

Instead of looking for a silver… [ Read more ]

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Sneak Video Peek at Marie Claire’s 2012 Naked Issue

This Monday (20th Feb) Marie Claire South Africa’s annual Naked Issue goes on sale.

This year 31 celebrities stripped it all off for the Burn Foundation Southern Africa. We felt what it was like to feel vulnerable and exposed for an afternoon – but for the thousands of people in our country who suffer from scars, disfiguration and social stigma as a result of being burnt; those feelings of vulnerability and self-consciousness are an every day reality they cannot “cover up.”

The Burn Foundation rehabilitates burn victims, helps to fund their hospital and surgery bills, and tries to educate people about preventing fires – if every home was equipped with a bucket of sand (many South Africans cannot afford proper housing let alone smoke alarms) a huge amount of fires could be controlled and extinguished before significant damage is caused.

You can donate money to… [ Read more ]

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