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Little Red

As many of you know I was fortunate enough to work with Rick Nunn for a couple of days in 2011. After shooting “White in the Woods” we got onto something creative and attempted “Little Red.” Rick burgled his parent’s house for the basket, rented the cape from a local fancy dress shop, and I put together the rest with a little help from my theatrical wardrobe.

Rick shot the first three digitally – and the rest on expired film which is what caused the unusual colour tones and grain on the later images.

The first image above is my favorite – which is yours?

So those were the digital… but Rick also shot this on FILM with his Canon 1V-hs with the Canon EF 135mm F/2.0 L on expired Fuji X-tra ISO400 (which is where these amazing tones come from).

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Weekend in Onesies.

This weekend was one of altered plans - almost every plan I made changed last minute – but I honestly feel that being spontaneous and free is good for the soul… and I can only be grateful for what turned out to be a wonderful and giggle-full weekend.

Friday morning, post cheese and wine feasting, I watched the sunrise from the que outside the Apple store in Brighton. I was dreading the whole process, but – eager to buy my new iPhone4S after grieving my 2nd iPhone4 for the last 2 weeks – I went forward with a smile on my face and ended up giggling my way through the que with my new friend before entering the store around 9am and buying my beloved apple of joy.

A huge thank you to Josh from the Apple Store in Brighton, and to my new friend @asguardclone – and everyone else… [ Read more ]

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