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Easter & Cake

It’s Easter weekend so I thought it fitting to bake an Easter Cake and practice my fondant skills. Looking for inspiration I came accross these monstrosities and have been making notes on what to avoid in my Easter baking splendor:

[Images courtesy of CakeWrecks]

My friend Cara also pointed me in the direction of a blog detailing some awesome cheescake filled chocolate eggs.

You can learn how to make the chocolate eggs here: -> *click*

Cara also showed me where I could learn how to bake a brownie inside an eggshell

Click on the image to take you to the recipe.

I think I’m still going to make a cake cake – I want to practice fondant – and I don’t want it to be creepy.

What do you think belongs on an easter cake? A bunny? Baby Chicks? Eggs? What else? Tell me below – I’ll be playing pat-a-cake… [ Read more ]

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