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Ooh, I Want That!

The second NoMU poster that I worked on with Robert Miller was with the friendly and fabulous Vicky Sleet.

Like the CTG NoMU poster it apeared at the Woolworths Engine and had a variety of wonderful prizes up for grabs.

Vicky did the styling herself, tracking down a fabulous 50′s style dress, gloves, wig and even shoes that matched her belt. It comes as no surprise to anyone who has visited Vicky’s blog that she would put together a fabulous outfit!

Vicky’s blog that is all about beautiful people, places, designs, stationary and things. Basically she has great taste and celebrates all the things she deems wonderful on her lovely lovely blog. Click Here to check it out. I warn you though, you,re bound to find yourself adopting it’s title and shouting out (to whoever will listen:) “I want that now!”

Photographer: Robert Miller

Model: [ Read more ]

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