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Scar-a-thon – Today!

Today’s the day! #Cansa is continuing their annual head shaving fundraiser, collecting money for the research and treatment of Cansa and the people affected by it.

Scar – the hair salon all of the best and bad love – have decided to take it one step further this year, giving people not only the opportunity to pop into the balcony and have their head shaved by the wonderful Natalie Roos or Dan Nash, but also allowing them to donate money through supporting the auction which so many amazing people and brands have donated for.

Gary Cool is MC’ing on the day, there is rumor of wasabi peanut cupcakes from Anja, a bar run/drunk by Snoddie and vegetarian/home made beef burgers complete with home-made mayo, relish and served on a home baked brioche made by Neill Vaughn and myself.

This is how Neill and I spent our Friday night…… [ Read more ]

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Boerewors cakes, music, markets and more music – Weekend in Pictures

Friday morning I painted and powdered Roxanne Floquet and Jan Braai for their upcoming NoMU shoot.

Friday night I accompanied Natalie to Campus Invasion where she was the MC when she wasn’t being harassed by younger men.

We returned home shortly after midnight and had late night snacks of rye toast smothered with pecan nut butter covered with thin slices of mild cheddar cheese and drizzled with honey.

Saturday morning I went to the Stellenbosch Market where I fell in love with a tea caravan.

Saturday afternoon I accompanied Justin to Viglietti where we were given a GranCabrio to drive to a charity auction at Jordan Wine Estate.

I was pleasently surprised to find a black California sitting at Jordan awaiting my inspection upon arrival.

The Maserati Quattroporte had its own presence and turned this man into a giddy boy:

Dinner… [ Read more ]

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