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Mojito Truffles

How to make Mojito Truffles.

You will need:

110g Chocolate – spend money here – the better the chocolate the better the truffles will be. Read the ingredients at the back and look for a slab with a high percentage of cocoa solids rather than a chemical blend of sugar and vegetable oil.

5Tablespoons of butter

170g icing sugar (sift it before you set it aside)

100ml ground almonds

2 egg yolks – the lethicin found in egg yolk is a binding agent that holds the truffle together.

25ml Bacardi Rum - (you can substitute for 25ml of another liquid if you avoid alchohol)

a drop or two of peppermint essence (again you could substitute)

a pinch of vanilla seeds

candied lime peel (zest the green part of the lime, roll in egg white then castor sugar then bake with a fan/oven door open on the… [ Read more ]

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