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QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care

What is it: An intenseley moisturizing and uniquely protective hand treatment. Devised to be instantly absorbed with no greasy residue, this highly effective formulation uses a special combination of lipids to nurture the skin’s natural moisture and nutrients storage against the early signs of aging.

How does it work: Formulated by Dr Eric Schulte, a surgeon concerned with the dryness resulting from the constant hand sanitization undergone by medical practitioners, QMS Hand care delivers unique hydration and moisture that is quickly absobed with no greasy residue. Suitable for the most sensitive of skins it is nourishing and protects against the early signs of aging by hydrating and restoring nutrients to the skin as well as creating a barrier between the skin and destructive elements.

How much does it cost/where can I buy it: Buy it for R200 from your local QMS stockist or online here

Consumer Tip:[ Read more ]

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Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour

What is it: A colourful crayon that glides easily onto your lips, delivering a sheer wash of colour to leave lips looking plump, nourished, soft and kissable. It is available in 6 different shades and offers build-able colour.

How does it work: A blend of butters, oils and antioxidants, infused with shea butter, mango seed butter and Jojoba oil deliver a surge of moisture to the lips and leaving healthy, soft and supple lips with a translucent wash of colour.

How much does it cost/where can I buy it: Buy it from your local Clinique counter at the recommended retail price of R175.

Consumer Tip: The wide rounded crayon allows for easy application without a mirror and the twist up base means you don’t need to know where your sharpener is.

Pro Tip: A great product for beach shoots and “natural” makeup shots – adding colour for camera with… [ Read more ]

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MAC Plushglass

What is it: A plumping lipgloss with a pearlised high-shine gloss finish and a sweet vanilla aroma.

How does it work: Vanilla and Licorice work together to plump, the one cools your lip whilst the other warms it. Your lip, confused as to why it is hot and cold sends excess blood to the lip to fight what it assumes to be an infection (the heating and cooling) and as a result your lips experience mild to moderate swelling. Plushglass does not dry out the lip area the way that traditional MAC lipglass does, instead it moisturizes and soothes the lip whilst vitamin E provides additional environmental protection.

How much does it cost/where can I buy it: R160  from a MAC store in South Africa or buy online in international currency.

Consumer Tip: This is my favorite gloss to keep in my bag, its sheer buildable high-shine finish makes it… [ Read more ]

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McLaren Mp4-12C

However small your car knowledge may be you ought to have heard of the McLaren F1 which even today, nearly 20 years after production began, is the world’s fastest naturally aspirated car and stands out in my mind as the greatest supercar to have ever been built. McLaren intended to make such an impression with the F1, designing without fear of cost, only with fear of weight.

The F1 was the first road car to be built with a carbon fibre chassis in 1993, a substance 5 times stronger than aluminium and significantly lighter. McLaren pioneered Formula 1′s first ever carbon fibre monocoque in 1981 with the MP4-1, and since chief engineer Gordon Murray’s concerns were with weight and performance rather than keeping to any kind of budget, other expensive and high-tech materials such as  titanium, magnesium, kevlar and gold (which lines the engine bay to effectively deflect heat) were… [ Read more ]

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