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Weekend in Pictures – not words

Less words, more images.

This weekend I worked – we were shooting a short film to be submitted to Cannes for their 2012 selection.

Thursday: [the weekend started on Thursday]

Friday I took the train up North for the short film.

Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were one big blur of movie mania:

Seriously though – I love acting for film – I hope I get the opportunity to do it again soon.

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Old Friends, New Friends, Inked Friends and National Braai Day – Weekend in Pictures

I started my Friday with some delicious Bolivian beans in my AeroPress… I was feeling chocolate withdrawl after my chocolate binge the night before so I also had a little morning chocolate indulgence (I’ll do a post about that soon.)

I then decided to try on my new bikini and snap a mobile pic to tweet for #FriskyFriday

I snapped four narcissistic bikini shots – you can view them all on my FHM Profile – which I urge you to click “like” on if you’re going to the effort of visiting. The top 100 comes out this week and numeric popularity will only improve my chances.

After that I headed in to London to meet up with my lovely friends Trevor and Sherrie. They are one of the most amazing couples that I know… in fact if it were not for Emma and Andrew I think they might be my… [ Read more ]

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