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Rick Nunn – Project 50 – Milk & Honey

50 photographs – over 50 consecutive days – all shot with a 50mm lens = Project 50. 100% awesome.

Rick is one of my favourite photographers, though he regards himself as a designer with a passion for photography rather than a professional photographer. If you take a look at his Flickr and his website you might take my side and view him as the camera wielding guru I do.

2011 sees Rick working on his third project 50, and I was lucky enough to be invited to take part as the subject matter for day 11.

You can view this photograph really really big here. There is also a wicked video which he does for each photograph where he goes through the lighting setup he uses and as a result of being in day 11 you can see me briefly making an appearance in said[ Read more ]

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My Top Ten Treasures Amongst The Woolworths Treasure Chest.

Woolworths in the V&A are hosting a Delicious Beauty Journey this weekend. I am going to be tracking the beauty journey of four women from four decades (twenties, thirties, forties and fifties) and sharing their experiences with you. I shall also be bringing you lists of my favorite treasures amongst the numerous beauty and skincare ranges carried by Woolworths so that you know what to look out for during your visit/put on your Christmas wish list/pickup the next time you run out of milk.

My Top Ten Products For Beautiful Skin:

1) Dr Hauscka “Soothing Mask” - known also as their “healer” is a wonder product. Especially kind to mature skin, sensitive skin and skin that is prone to inflammation and redness it nourishes, repairs, soothes and heals. It contains Quince Seed Extract and Witch Hazel to maintain the skin’s moisture balance whilst Nythyllis tackles redness, irritation and uneven skin… [ Read more ]

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