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Snow White’s Apple

“Snow White” and I have a few things in common – we both have red lips, pale skin, black hair – (ok mine is arguably brown but naturally black) both frolic in the forest, sing to animals and have terrible luck with apple’s.

This year I’ve managed to have a macbook pro stolen from under my table while I ate dinner at a restaurant, an iPhone4 smash and grabbed from my car (insert additional window replacement cost) and two Saturday’s ago my second iPhone4 – this one a 32gig model – was stolen from my handbag in a London club…

The frequency of stranger’s referring to me as Snow White coupled with this recent “apple curse” (through cruel twists of fate, circumstance and my own stupidity insurance has not assisted me with replacing any of these products) as my nearest and dearest are calling it  has led me to do… [ Read more ]

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Barbie gets inked with the launch of Tokidoki Barbie

We’ve all seen customised Barbie’s made by independent creatives, some of you might remember the Barbie-knockoff Spice Girl Dolls which were released with tattoo’s where the popstars were publicly known to harbour tattoos, but this Barbie is an official Mattel Barbie Doll – the first one in history – to be sold with tattoos.

Launching on October 8th at the TokiDoki Santa Monica store and will be sold for $50.00. Designed by Simone Legno, she has a modern (I can’t claim it to be fashionable, many would argue it’s very 2007) A-symmetrical silvery pink bob, leopard print leggings, silvery glittery shoes with black painted toes peeping through and a cluster of tattoos peeking out from her baggy heart and cross boned t-shirt.

She also comes with a pet that the official release phrases as her “cactus friend.”

I think she is absolutely adorable and would love to own… [ Read more ]

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