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Barbie gets inked with the launch of Tokidoki Barbie

We’ve all seen customised Barbie’s made by independent creatives, some of you might remember the Barbie-knockoff Spice Girl Dolls which were released with tattoo’s where the popstars were publicly known to harbour tattoos, but this Barbie is an official Mattel Barbie Doll – the first one in history – to be sold with tattoos.

Launching on October 8th at the TokiDoki Santa Monica store and will be sold for $50.00. Designed by Simone Legno, she has a modern (I can’t claim it to be fashionable, many would argue it’s very 2007) A-symmetrical silvery pink bob, leopard print leggings, silvery glittery shoes with black painted toes peeping through and a cluster of tattoos peeking out from her baggy heart and cross boned t-shirt.

She also comes with a pet that the official release phrases as her “cactus friend.”

I think she is absolutely adorable and would love to own… [ Read more ]

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