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Fabric, Friends and Food

This weekend was Fabric’s 12th Birthday Party and when my friend Awani asked me if I’d like to go I found myself unable to say no (they had given their biggest floor to the dubpolice)

First thing is first though – Friday Morning I woke up, posted a quick #FriskyFriday to Twitter to try to subtly hint to you all that it would be awesome if you sms’d “model 68″ to 33441.

I then tried on a million outfits for Friday night…

Before eventually leaving to meet Awani in Notting Hill for a house/birthday party where I met lots of lovely new friends. (Fabric opened at 10, but we had no intention of arriving before 11:30.)

Before we knew it it was 11 and we had to dash off on the underground to make our self imposed 12am Fabric deadline and create maximum mischief.

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Weekend in Onesies.

This weekend was one of altered plans - almost every plan I made changed last minute – but I honestly feel that being spontaneous and free is good for the soul… and I can only be grateful for what turned out to be a wonderful and giggle-full weekend.

Friday morning, post cheese and wine feasting, I watched the sunrise from the que outside the Apple store in Brighton. I was dreading the whole process, but – eager to buy my new iPhone4S after grieving my 2nd iPhone4 for the last 2 weeks – I went forward with a smile on my face and ended up giggling my way through the que with my new friend before entering the store around 9am and buying my beloved apple of joy.

A huge thank you to Josh from the Apple Store in Brighton, and to my new friend @asguardclone – and everyone else… [ Read more ]

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