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Fabric, Friends and Food

This weekend was Fabric’s 12th Birthday Party and when my friend Awani asked me if I’d like to go I found myself unable to say no (they had given their biggest floor to the dubpolice)

First thing is first though – Friday Morning I woke up, posted a quick #FriskyFriday to Twitter to try to subtly hint to you all that it would be awesome if you sms’d “model 68″ to 33441.

I then tried on a million outfits for Friday night…

Before eventually leaving to meet Awani in Notting Hill for a house/birthday party where I met lots of lovely new friends. (Fabric opened at 10, but we had no intention of arriving before 11:30.)

Before we knew it it was 11 and we had to dash off on the underground to make our self imposed 12am Fabric deadline and create maximum mischief.

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Yalla Yalla -Lebanese in London

There were two things compelling me to try out “Yalla Yalla” before I leave London. The first was a tweet I saw, ranking it amongst the Top 10 places in London to eat in terms of value for money. The second was the tagline – “Beirut Street Food” – having fallen deeply in love with Lebanon, its people and its parties over June/July this year – I feel drawn to Lebanese cuisine and culture more than ever.

Seating only 28 people, the restuarant is small and cozy, with hints of eastern flair but decor minimal enough to prevent claustrophobia.

There are a selection of mains, covering Lebanese traditional¬†favourites such as Shish Taouk, Kafta Meshoue, Lahem Casserole and Schwarma’s. If you don’t know what these sorts of dishes entail you can check out the full menu with descriptions here.

Yalla Yalla also offers a selection of mezze dishes, mostly… [ Read more ]

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